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The title Man of Steel refers to the fictional DC Comics Superman who is made up entirely of the iron and carbon alloy. Unlike brave patients who have nerves of steel, Superman's entire body is made of steel, from his hair of steel down to his toes of steel. He cries steel, he urinates steel, he even defecates steel. He has been biopsied everywhere and guess what the pathology shows: 100% consistent with steel.[1][2] For he is the Man of Steel.


Superman has many strengths for he is a Man of Steel.


Sadly, the Man of Steel has one major weakness: kryptonite. In fact, it has led him to the hospital several times, earning him the label at Metropolis Medical Center (MMC) as a frequent flyer. During a recent hospital administration for kryptonite overdose, kryptonite was finally added to Superman's allergy list.

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  2. Fearless Neurologist Attempts to Order Brain Stem Biopsy Via EHR (Gomerblog)

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