Potty Party

Picture of a CrossSh*t potty party

A potty party is a phenomenon occurring when a hospitalized patient with multiple co-morbidities requires toileting and the assistance of more than one member of the hospital staff to facilitate preparation for or status post bladder or bowel evacuation. Occurs when several extraneous medical devices, such as intravenous lines, wound VAC, extra-long nasal cannula tubing, or continuous gastric tube feeding, are attached to the patient but the patient has orders to ambulate to the bathroom and more than one hospital staff member is needed to wrangle the IV pole, carry the patient's train, or generally supervise.[1] Also occurs when an immobile patient presents with a code brown diarrheal shituation requiring "all hands on the poop deck" to prevent the patient from drowning in C. diff fudge.[2][3][4][5]

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