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[[File:Gloeden, Wilhem von (1856-1931) - Napoli.jpg|300px|thumb|right|''"I hate it when Gomerblog forgets my specialty on those "By Subspecialty" posts"'']]
'''Butthurt''' refers to a strong emotional response from a perceived personal insult, often realized on comments sections of websites.<ref>[ Proctologists Have Record 2015, as Many Were Butt-Hurt on the Internet (Gomerblog)]</ref><ref>[ “Butthurt by ZDoggMD” Added as New ICD-10 Diagnosis (Gomerblog)]</ref><ref>[ The Joint Commission on Satire Releases Consensus International Butthurt Scale (Gomerblog)]</ref><ref>[ Patient Admitted with Life-Threatening Butthurt Exacerbation (Gomerblog)]</ref> It is in the [[Differential Diagnosis|differential diagnosis]] for [[Pain in the Butt|rectal pain]].