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A standing ovation is something a patient deserves when they only wish to manage their pain with Tylenol or NSAIDs[1] or say thank you every once in a while.

Other Scenarios That May Warrant a Standing Ovation

  1. Patient not asking for double portions
  2. Patient underutilizing the call light
  3. When a potassium isn't hemolyzed[2]
  4. When a low potassium is successfully repleted[3]
  5. Patient is compliant
  6. Patient supports vaccination[4]


  1. Rare Patient Asks Only for Tylenol for Pain, Receives Standing Ovation
  2. Blood Sample Spontaneously Unhemolyzes Because Nurse Asks Nicely
  3. Team to Replete the Hell Out of Patient’s Potassium
  4. Mutations in the Anti-Vaxxers’ Brain Discovered

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