Vitamin H Deficiency

Vitamin H

Vitamin H deficiency is a major cause of agitation and delirium in elderly hospitalized patients and, as a result, a huge pain in the butt for night staff. The best way to ensure a pleasant night for our health care providers and patients, in that order respectively, vitamin H deficiency must be treated as soon as it is recognized.


Administer vitamin H. How? Doesn't matter. Quickly and by any means: IV, IM, IO, SC, PO, PR, vaginally, armpits... A particular favorite is by way of the Haldol blowdart. By correcting vitamin H deficiency, elderly patients can return to their normal baseline (cooperative unconsciousness) and night staff can return to their normal baseline (browsing delivery menus[1]).


  1. Book of Delivery Menus Missing, 20 Night Nurses & Doctors Die of Hunger

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