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The Revised Erection Hardness Score (or REHS) is a revised version of the Erection Hardness Score to help men rate the hardness of their erections.

Questions on the Revised Erection Hardness Score

Question 1 (similar to the original Erection Hardness Score): How would you rate the hardness of your erection?

  • 0 - I can't find my penis!!!!
  • 1 - Oh there it is!
  • 2 - Wait, no, that wasn't my penis!
  • 3 - Oh, there it is again! Phew! Tricky little fella!
  • 4 - Okay what was the question? I was too busy playing with my penis.

Question 2: Once again, how would you rate the hardness of your erection?

  • 0 - Like a deflated balloon
  • 1 - Like a Slinky
  • 2 - Lika a totem poll
  • 3 - Can be used as a pedestrian walkbridge if needed
  • 4 - Bullet proof

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