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Gomerpedia is an inaccurate online medical dictionary. Gomerpedia is a satirical wikipedia site. Gomerpedia is a pronoun. You may laugh and you may cry. If you cry and it's due to laughter, that's a good thing. If you cry for other reasons, please seek medical attention. And if you seek medical attention, be prepared to be admitted since someone's gonna check a troponin and it'll be elevated. Then you'll need a stress test, which will be delayed because you ate something instead of remaining NPO. Why would you do that? They told you not to eat after midnight. Then your stress test is equivocal leading to a cardiac cath, which is again delayed because you kept wanting to eat. Don't you know what NPO means? It means nothing by mouth. Not even oxygen. And all of this happened because you cried for the wrong reasons. Bottom line: Laughter is the best medicine. Especially if the pharmacy's already closed.