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The American College of Gastroenterology (or ACG) was founded in 1932 and holds annual meetings in order to tell poop jokes. More than 14,000 physicians are members, but only 25% tell really funny poop jokes.

The ACG Logo

The logo depicts Ascaris lumbricoides wrapping itself around a colonoscope, which has been abandoned by a frightened gastroenterologist.

The ACG Tagline

Earlier this year, the ACG replaced their old tagline of "Advancing gastroenterology, improving patient care" with the more accurate "Advancing colonoscopes, all the way to the cecum."

Mission Statement

To be the pre-eminent professional organization that removes eggplants and other interesting objects from rectums.[1]


  1. Pokémon Go Update: Pikachu Spotted in Man’s Colon

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