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Bilirubin is such a nice guy. Some call him Bili, others call him Rubin. He doesn't mind if you spell his first name as Bili, Billy, or Billie. See, it's stuff like that which makes Bilirubes such a cool guy. He says that people have been putting his first and last names together without a space for some time. He never spoke up because that's the kind of guy Bili is. For that same reason, he never lets you address him as Mr. Rubin. He'd just say, "It makes me sound like an old man!" Haha! Did you know his favorite color is yellow? Of course, you did! Bili loves to talk about his favorite color. Ah, Bili. You crack me up!

Other Nice People

- Angie O'Edema

- Anna Phylaxis

- Gen Surg

- John Doe

- Johnnirubin

- Pam T. Schmidt

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