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Thomas Cooper Gotch's "Clouds"

Classically, cloud watching involves lying on the lawn, watching the clouds, and seeing if any of the clouds resemble things in real life. Cloud watching is one of several necessarily coping mechanisms to counter anger and burnout. Unless the clouds resemble EHRs.[1][2]

Cloud Watching Sketch

Camera angle: Twenty feet in the air, looking straight down.

WIFE: It's gorgeous out. (Pointing upward.) Look over there. It looks like a dog panting.

HUSBAND: Would you look at that? (Pointing upward to a different part of the sky.) That small cloud near the dog's mouth. It sorta looks like a large ball.

WIFE: Or a frisbee.

HUSBAND: Yeah, frisbee.

WIFE: (Excited.) Oh, look over there! (Pointing to another part of the sky.) It looks like the head of a lion.

HUSBAND: Incredible. (Looking at his wife.) I love cloud watching with you.

WIFE: (Looking at her husbasd.) And I love cloud watching with you.

Camera angle: Looking towards the sky from the couple's perspective. We see that the sky is completely blue and cloudless.

NARRATOR: This is how delirious people watch clouds.

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