Executive Committee for the Replacement of Potassium

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The Executive Committee for the Replacement of Potassium is a multidisciplinary committee and arguably the most important committee in the entire inpatient hospital setting. The main objective for any good health care professional is to replete a patient's potassium, especially if it is the critical range of 3.0 to 3.5 and thus an emergency.

Make Up of the Committee

Because of the importance of potassium repletion, hospital operations should cease until the problem is addressed promptly and adequately. The committee should contain no fewer than 50 nurses, 50 internists, 50 specialists (one from each ideally), and 50 pharmacists. When the meeting has achieved consensus ("Yes, let's replete"), actions must be undertaken such that they "replete the hell out of the patient's potassium."[1]

When Does the Committee Convene?

Any time a patient's potassium drops below 4.0.


  1. Team to Replete the Hell Out of Patient's Potassium

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