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A fart is an anal whistle.[1] It is also known as a toot.[2]

When Can I Fart?

Generally, farting in the presence of others is frowned upon, but it should never be done if you're a general surgeon in the operating room.

From Scrubs Season 1 Episode 7 "My Super Ego"

DR. WEN (in the OR with Turk and Todd): Open the peritoneum. (Turk makes an incision.) Nice clean cut. Good. Good. Whoa. Whoa! What's that smell? (Everybody freezes.)

TURK: I don't know.

DR. WEN: Did you nick the colon?

TURK: No! I mean I don't know. I-I-I-I don't think so. Did I?

DR. WEN: Cut the music! (Scene ends, eventually returns, during which Wen has spent time exploring the patient's abdomen.) I don't know where that smell came from!

TODD: Uh... sir?

DR. WEN: What is it, do you see something?

TODD: Sir, I farted. That smell is from the fart that I made.

TURK (shaking his head): Duuude.

DR. WEN: Get the hell out of my OR!

TODD: Yes, sir.... Good.

Record Fart

On Auguat 1, 2016, Timothy Flatus unleashed what has now been dubbed the "Fart of the Century" where over 200 people were displaced and harmed by the sheer force of the noxious gas.[3] In order to prevent any future episodes, Flatus volunteered to have his anus sewn shut.

Other Gases


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