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Halo is a science fiction first-person shooter centered on Master Chief John-117, a Spartan super soldier whose C-spine is immobilized in a Halo vest, and his fight against the aliens known as the Covenant. Alongside his artificial intelligence companions - Cortana, Da Vinci, and Pyxis - he not only defeats the Covenant and acquires an angel's halo, but is even acquired by Halo Headquarters to be the cleanup hitter for the Anaheim Angels. Rumor suggests that his walk-up song will be by Beyonce.[1][2][3] And in the event he hits a walk-off home run, he looks forward to celebrating over his favorite dessert: Filipino halo halo.

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  1. Halo (Beyonce)
  2. Beyoncé’s 3-Month Sonogram Reveals Twins Harmonizing In Womb (Gomerblog)
  3. Beyonce Starts Her Residency 2 Weeks Late After Delivering Twins (Gomerblog)

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