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The heart rate (or HR) is classically defined as the number of heartbeats per minute simply because counting heartbeats for an hour is just too long.[1]

Where Can I Check for a Pulse?

Please refer to the diagram to the right. Keep in mind, the patient does not require to be fully nude in order to check a pulse. Note that a testicular or vaginal pulse is not the preferred or first choice sight for checking heart rate.

How to Interpret a Heart Rate

0 - Patient is an elite, elite athlete. Or dead.

35 - Patient is probably sleeping. Please don't page the on-call doctor about it.

5000 - Patient should be dead.

60-100 - Vanilla.

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  1. Med Student Figures Out Heart Rate: Count Beats in a Day, Divide by 24 Then Again by 60 (Gomerblog)

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