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"Now I'm going to ask you one final time and don't mess with me: Did you or did you not witness any episodes of ventricular fibrillation?! Answer me, DAMMIT!!!"

ICD (implantable cardiac defibrillator) interrogation[1] is a process where an ICD (or pacemaker, is interrogated to give up its intel. Since the Obama Administration, waterboarding has gone out of favor but still used in extreme circumstances. The ICD is usually placed in a dark room with heavy metal music playing loudly for days. After days of sleep deprivation a Cardiologist enters the room, sometimes accompanied by a Medtronic representative. He or she will give the ICD delicious food showing that he or she is the ICD's friend, hoping the ICD will give up information. This process repeats until the cardiologist is happy with the information he/she receives, or the patient dies of a 2-beat run of v-tach.

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  1. ICD Interrogated, Confesses to V-Tach (Gomerblog)

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