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Jaw pain is, well, how can you put this other than pain in the jaw.


There are several underlying etiologies for jaw pain. For that reason, the following questions should be asked in order to uncover the source:

  • Instead of biting your lip did you bite your mandible instead?
  • Were you punched in the jaw for calling someone fat?
  • Were you punched in the jaw for calling some ugly?
  • Were you kicked in the jaw by accident?
  • Were you kicked in the jaw on purpose?
  • Did you fall face-first onto the curb?
  • Did a donkey kick you in the face?
  • Did a horse kick in the face?
  • What other animal kicked you in the jaw?
  • Does your jaw hurt because you strained too hard on the toilet?
  • Did you try to kiss someone, missed, and ended up hitting your jaw against a speeding bus?
  • You tried to take a bite of a bowling ball?

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