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Leg pain (also known as pain in the leg) is a discomfort localized to either of the lower extremities or, if the patient is upside-down like in a handstand, the upper extremities. Leg pain, more often than not, is often caused by something... something. What is that something? Who knows. There are numerous causes of leg pain.


A common occurrence, 1 out of 13 human legs are in pain.

Clinical Findings

An examination of the legs is a good start.[1] An examination of the eyes, uvula, or genitals is not as informative.

Differential Diagnosis

The differential diagnosis of leg pain is long, and all of these causes should be considered to the point where you lose sleep over it:

  1. Cellulitis - Of the leg, obviously.
  2. DVT - Especially if the patient is a frequent flyer. Be sure to perform a Homan's sign and a sonogram of the leg.
  3. Hip Pain - An orthopod is biting at the chomp to evaluate this one!
  4. Hip Disarticulation - And this one too!
  5. Necrotizing fasciitis - Requires the help of a surgeon.
  6. Necrotizing fascism - Not only does it threaten society but our limbs too.
  7. Stubbed foot against furniture - Make sure to take a very-detailed furniture history.
  8. Dog actively chewing on your leg - Tell the dog to sit of fetch!
  9. Penetrating trauma to leg (javelin, sword, swordfish, or pool cue) - Youch!
  10. Critical limb ischemia - Why are you reading this?! Go and fix the patient right away!!
  11. Turf Toe - Always needs to be on the differential.
  12. Gouch - GOUT + OUCH = GOUCH!!
  13. F**ked-Up Legs - If you have this syndrome, then enroll in this trial: Are Your Legs Fucked Up Enough For My Risky Leg Cream Trial?[2]
  14. Pneumonia - Be on guard for this atypical presentation.

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  1. Intern Tries to Palpate Pedal Pulses, Can’t Locate Legs (Gomerblog)
  2. Are Your Legs Fucked Up Enough For My Risky Leg Cream Trial? (ClickHole)

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