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"This is always a tear-jerker..."
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Medical debt (also known as student loans) is that soul-crushing thing you remember after realizing how much you hate your job in healthcare. If you decide you want to watch your debt in real time, Netflix created Debtflix just for that reason.[1] And even if you win the Lotto jackpot, you're still gonna be in debt.[2] How do you like them apples?

Recent Events

On June 11, 2017, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price awarded internist Dale Mitchell the coveted FAFSA Memorial Perseverance Award for paying off his medical debt.[3]

Ways to Counteract Medical Debt

In an effort to save money during the interview trail, fourth-year medical students are "sucking it up," piling no fewer than 10 med students per hotel room and 2 med students per airline seat.[4]

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