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Pokémon stands for pocket monsters, which can be found not only anywhere in the world but anywhere in the human body.[1] If defensive medicine wasn't enough of a reason to do a million-dollar work-up for patients, then searching for Pokémon from head to toe with a bevy of radiographic studies and endoscopic procedures should be.

Gomerpedia Tips

  1. A rat is not a Pokémon.[2]
  2. Abra likes to hide out in sub-zero operating rooms.[3]
  3. Be careful not to miss a Pokémon on chest X-ray.[4]
  4. Pikachu likes to hide out in the intestines for some reason.[5]
  5. If a catheter is clogged, it's one of two things: a clot or a Squirtle[6]
  6. Chances are if you spot Snorlax he needs to be intubated for airway protection.[7]


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