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Standing Ovation

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A '''standing ovation''' is something a patient deserves when they only wish to manage their pain with [[Tylenol (Acetaminophen)|Tylenol]] or [[NSAIDs]]<ref>[ Rare Patient Asks Only for Tylenol for Pain, Receives Standing Ovation]</ref> or say [[Thank You|thank you]] every once in a while.
'''Other Scenarios That May Warrant a Standing Ovation'''
#Patient not asking for [[American|double portions]]
#Patient underutilizing the [[Call Light|call light]]
#When a [[Potassium|potassium]] isn't hemolyzed<ref>[ Blood Sample Spontaneously Unhemolyzes Because Nurse Asks Nicely]</ref>
#When a low potassium is successfully repleted<ref>[ Team to Replete the Hell Out of Patient’s Potassium]</ref>
#Patient is compliant
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