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Wonder Woman

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[[File:Wonder Woman Bracelets.jpg|400px|thumb|right]]
'''Wonder Woman''', also known as Princess Diana or the Amazonian Princess, is a DC Comics superhero. The latest movie '''''Wonder Woman''''' details her role in helping the allies in World War I, though her most heroic exploits have involved allying herself with health care professionals. For example, in her first medical exploit, '''Wonder Woman''' used her indestructible Bracelets of Submission to deflect soft ER admissions left and right in a characteristic bolus and barrage.<ref>[ Under Fire, Wonder Woman Uses Her Indestructible Bracelets to Deflect ER Admissions Left & Right (Gomerblog)]</ref> Other exploits include the using her Lasso of Truth to coerce patients into accurately using the pain scale, and her boomerang tiara to knock [[Call Light|call lights]] out of the hands of irresponsible patients who overuse them.<ref>[ Coerced by Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman Gets Patient to Admit Pain Only 2 Out of 10 (Not 20) (Gomerblog)]</ref><ref>[ American Nurses Association Approves Call Lights with Lockout Intervals (Gomerblog)]</ref>

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