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Surgical Stryker Snacks (SSS) are scrumptious snacks for the sterile environment; they are the perfect OR treat.[1]


Created in 2017 after concerns of inadequate protein intake during operations, Stryker Surgical Snacks were created to fill the void. With orthopods able to alternate stitches and Stryker Nacho Cheese Chips, protein-malnutrition in the orthopedic population will hopefully plateau by early 2018, ensuring that future generations of orthopods are as muscular as ever.

Product Line

  1. Stryker Apple Juice
  2. Stryker Bar
  3. Stryker Nacho Cheese Chips
  4. Stryker Pomegranate Juice
  5. Stryker Roadkill
  6. Stryker Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips
  7. Stryker Trail Mix

More Ortho, Please


  1. Stryker Surgical Snacks, The Perfect OR Treat (Gomerblog)

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