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Syphilis is a... a... well, let's just say you don't want to catch syphilis.[1]

Latent Syphilis

Shhhhh!!!! The syphilis is sleeeeeping. (Be quiet, you don't want to wake it up.)

Primary Syphilis

When you catch syphilis the first time. Beware the chancre, which is cancer misspelled with an H mixed in.

Secondary Syphilis

When you catch syphilis twice! DRATS!!! Sometimes the second syphilis can manifest as a rash (see Maculopapular Rash).

Tertiary Syphilis

Damn it, you've caught syphilis for a third time! An unfortunate complication is neurosyphilis, a condition where your neurologist catches it from you. Neurosyphilis is also known as Bieber fever.


Penicillin. And stop sleeping around. Safe sex, people, safe sex!

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  1. Traffic Not Only Causes Stress, It Causes Syphilis Too (Gomerblog)

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