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Testicles are the oval-shaped sperm-producing organs in males contained within the scrotum. Because testes hang like icicles off a roof, that is how the name testicles came to be. The testicles are meant to be loved and caressed. Any trauma to the testicles will elicit the well-known and much-maligned testiculosoprano reflex, in which a male's normal voice jumps 8 octaves to express the discomfort and pain. For this reason, the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) released guidelines recommending against getting kicked in the balls repeatedly[1]. The American Urological Association also recommends to "Check Your Balls" every holiday season.[2]

Fun Facts

Did you know an octopus has 8 testicles? Wow! And that it's possible to sweat one's balls off?[3]

Gomerpedia Tips

Never, ever wear skin-tight jeans or say goodbye to your testicles.[4]


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