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2 AM, also known as 2 hours past midnight, is the peak time for several things:

  1. a patient to present to an emergency room with a chronic complaint[1][2];
  2. a doctor to get a critical page[3]; or
  3. an anesthesiologist to get called to place an IV[4]
  4. wake up an ophthalmologist[5]

Other Times


  1. Study Confirms Peak Time to Present with Chronic Complaint is 2 AM (Gomerblog)
  2. All Caught Up with Game of Thrones, Local Man Finally Decides He Should Get This Looked At (Gomerblog)
  3. 10 Exciting Real Pages To Get, Especially at 2 AM (Gomerblog)
  4. Anesthesiologist Ecstatic to Get 2 AM Call to Place IV, and Again at 3 AM When It Rips Out (Gomerblog)
  5. On-Call Ophthalmologist Heroically Manages Eye Emergency from Bed (Gomerblog)

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