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Time travel hypothesis using cosmic strings

Time travel refers to the action of traveling through time, either into the past or the future. Science has not yet made this possible (or if they did, they haven't freaking told us yet!). Time travel is often a mechanism used in science fiction.[1]

Why Would Health Care Professionals Want to Time Travel?

Go back into the past and...

  1. ... shoot the sh*t with Hippocrates
  2. ... avoid a career in medicine.
  3. ... invest in graham crackers
  4. ... convince the Joint Commission not to make pain the 5th vital sign
  5. ... not choose such an expensive medical school.
  6. ... find a pen
  7. ... order the Trendelenburger not the salad from the cafeteria
  8. ... not publish, if you're The Lancet, that vaccine paper by Andrew Wakefield

Go into the future and...

  1. ... urinate
  2. ... be caught up on discharge summaries
  3. ... learn how many other doctors United beats up
  4. ... find out of Pyxis machines and Da Vinci robots have conquered Earth
  5. ... find out health care is extinct
  6. ... be done, if you're a July intern, with intern year
  7. ... hand in a resignation letter
  8. ... see if hospitals of the future treat patients only with Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) and turkey sandwiches
  9. ... enjoy life after medicine
  10. ... see if EHRs will actually be useful one day
  11. ... see if one succeeded in fully paying off student loans

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  1. “Arrival” Heroine, Dr. Louise Banks, Tries to Decipher Wordless Language of Orthopods (Gomerblog)

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