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"Wow, that car looks like a metal uterus!"

A muscle car is a high-performance, two-door, rear-while drive, mid-sized or full-sized care that 100% American-made. The reason why they're called muscle cars is that when you see one or drive one it reminds of you of the strongest muscles in the human body: the heart, masseter, soleus, gluteus maximus, and uterus. Orthopods always drive muscle cars.


There are three types of muscle cars:

  1. Type 1: This car is designed such as to look like a heart, masseter, uterus, soleus, or gluteus maximus.
  2. Type 2: This car does not look like a human muscle but is instead made up out of 100% human hearts, masseters, uteri, solei, and glutei maximi.
  3. Type 3: A combination of type 1 and type 2, a type 3 muscle car both looks and is made up of human muscles.

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