Black Fleece Hypertension

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Black fleece hypertension is a common side effect of physicians and other health care professionals who wear black fleeces. Whereas white coat hypertension develops in patients who see a health care professional in a white coat, black fleece hypertension develops in the health care professional wearing the black fleece. Though it can develop at any point during the day or during the year, it is most commonly seen in the summertime when these health care professionals insist upon still wearing their black fleeces even though it is 90 degrees outside with 100% humidity. Heat stroke experienced by those who provide care in a hospital setting are often black fleece wearers.

Other Attire

- Bouffant

- Clinical Pearl Necklace

- Goiter Belt

- Gown

- Negligee

- Schatzki Ring

- Sleeves

- Yellow Safety Belt

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