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The CEDOCS score helps determine the severity of overcrowding in community emergency departments with the use of several variables, some of which make sense and some of which that don't. The score ranges from 0 to 200.

Variables Used to Calculate the CEDOCS Score That Make Sense

  1. Number of ED beds
  2. Number of ED visits per year
  3. Total patients in the ED
  4. Critical patients in the ED
  5. Number of patients in the waiting room
  6. Waiting time of longest admitted patient

Variables Used to Calculate the CEDOCS Score That Don't Make Any Sense Whatsoever

  1. Favorite color
  2. Pairs of shoes you own
  3. Third favorite song by Beyonce
  4. What kind of tortillas do you prefer: corn or flour?

Interpretation of CEDOCS Scores

0-20: Not busy, probably can sneak in a nap.

21-60: Busy, stop watching Game of Thrones.[1][2][3]

61-100: Extremely busy but not overcrowded, soul not yet crushed.

101-140 - Overcrowded, sh*t has hit the fan!

141-180 - Severely overcrowded, find new job and turn in 90-days notice.[4][5]

181-200 - Dangerous overcrowded, might soon explode like the Death Star.

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