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A waiting room is just exactly that: a room where people wait. So what's everyone complaining about? Of course, it's a long wait; you're in the waiting room. If the clinic or hospital was somehow efficient, it'd be called something like the we'll-be-right-with you room. But it's not. As for the VA waiting rooms? Yeah, those are ridiculously long waits. What's that about?[1] That really needs to be fixed.

How to Deal with the Angry Patient in the Waiting Room

Of course, some patients can't wait in the waiting room. In this scenario, most health care staff are instructed to implement Plan B: inundating patients with painfully-long questionnaires to distract the patients from the waiting process.[2]

Another approach is to appease patients. Local emergency physicians in Hanover, New Jersey leave a large bowel of Percocet in the waiting room to keep everyone happy.[3] Some physicians try keep their clinic patients happy by putting Tostitos chips out in their waiting rooms.[4]

How a Patient Can Speed Their Way Through the Waiting Room

Easy: develop chest pain.[5] For other incredible advice, read Gomerblog's handheld guide: Tips to Bypass the ER Waiting Room[6]

History is Made

On October 15, 2017, emergency physician Dave Stanfield because the first health care professional to ever witness the phenomenon known as an empty waiting room, an occurrence even more rare than a solar eclipse.[7][8][9] It is supposedly one of the most beautiful events a health care professional can ever witness in his or her lifetime, with world sites like Santorini or Machu Picchu not even coming close.

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