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Grace & Chase Tackle Acid-Base is a classic nephrology children's book written by Eileen Jackson about 6-year-old twin siblings Grace & Chase and their fun quest to conquer acid-base disorders. Sparring a revolution in medical storytelling, Grace & Chase Tackle Acid-Base led to a whole industry of difficult medical topics distilled down to a simple whimsical tale so simple that kids could understand it, let alone health care professionals.


Despite the well-known criticism that the tale didn't focus enough on Bartter and Gitelman syndromes, Grace & Chase Tackle Acid-Base was the critics' darling in 2016. Gomerblog raved about the book, calling it "an entertaining and effective way to teach youngsters about the joys of acidosis and alkalosis."[1] The New York Times called the book "epic" while the Wall Street Journal described the book as "the greatest story ever told about acid-base."

The Story

Grace & Chase Tackle Acid-Base sold over 1 trillion copies worldwide and the book is currently backlogged in production since the summer of 2016. With permission from Eileen Jackson, Gomerpedia is able to provide the text for the tale below though, unfortunately, we are unable to provide illustrations. However, we do encourage that you use your imagination.

In the town of Renal, sit Grace and Chase,

With their Mom & Dad teaching acid-base,

Dinner was yummy but onto dessert:

Two ABGs to interpret and learn!

“Figuring this out is hurting my head,”

So they called it a night and went to bed.

Nasty Nigel the Nephron broke into their home,

Before they knew it, their parents were gone!

“Conquer Planet pH,” Nigel had said,

“Otherwise your parents are as good as dead!”

“We’ll solve your planet, just wait and see,”

“Even if anuric and can’t even pee!”

“If you think you’re so clever, then riddle me this:

He’s got so much sugar stuck in his piss,

His pH is 7.2, certainly low,

What does he have, no way you would know!”

My oh my, with a pH of 7.2,

What will little Grace & little Chase do?

There is no way they will ever guess,

The mixed acid-base that caused this mess!

But then our heroes saw an anion gap,

They figured out the answer, escaped Nigel’s trap,

“DKA!” Grace & Chase shouted with glee,

“DRATS!” Nigel screamed, but continued to flee.

“That was a tough one, but what will we do?”

Asked Grace to Chase as they pursued and reviewed.

Before they knew it, they were in a new town

“You’re in Lung Land!” said a sign on the ground.

“You can beat Nigel!” said Rhonda and Ralph,

Inhaling through nostrils, exhaling through mouths,

Listen closely to what we will say,

In case Nigel throws these disorders your way.

If pH is low and the CO2’s high,

Respiratory acidosis, easy as pie!

But if pH is high and CO2’s low,

Respiratory alkalosis, now you know!

“Thank you for the interesting consult!”

said Grace & Chase, trekking on asphalt.

Before they knew it, they were in a new town

“TUBULE TOWN,” said a sign on the ground.

Grace & Chase memorized ‘till robotic,

Learning from Mary the Metabolic Alkalotic,

Who took so much Lasix, a diuretic,

“I peed my pants again, how pathetic!!”

Before they knew it, they were in a new town,

“Anion Gap Junction” said a sign on the ground.

There was Danny the Diabetic and Starved Stan

Who improved with insulin and a meal plan.

There was Alfred the Alcoholic, Lactate Larry,

Eugene the Uremic, all of their illnesses varied,

Sally the Salicylate was in dire straits,

A vascath for dialysis had to be placed.

Smarter than ever, they found Nigel once more

“Stop there Nigel, let’s settle the score!”

“Answer three questions,” he said, “and let’s see!”

Get them all right, I’ll set your parents free!”

Nigel asked two questions on acid-base,

But neither one fazed little Grace or Chase,

Nigel called for help; nope, not the doctor:

Terry the Three-Headed Acid-Base Monster.


Roared the monster, as Nigel cheered on.

“True or false,” as Terry asked one more,

“The most acid-base disorders at once is four.”

My oh my, would our heroes answer true?

What will little Grace & little Chase do?

Then Grace & Chase smiled at Terry & Nigel,

“It’s false! The most is three, you f**king liars!”

Terry & Nigel set Mom & Dad free,

The parents were relieved, eager to pee,

Mom & Dad hugged Grace & Chase and cried,

“Grace & Chase, your knowledge saved our lives!”

Back at home in Renal, sit Grace and Chase,

With their Mom & Dad teaching acid-base,

The adventure was tiring, “We want dessert!”

More ABGs to interpret and learn!

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  1. Children’s Book Review: Grace & Chase Tackle Acid-Base (Gomerblog)

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