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"Just reading this makes me want to pee!"

Contrary to popular thought, Lasix (generic is furosemide) is not a water pill: it is a pill of Lasix or it could be an IV of Lasix too. Not only does Lasix diurese congested patients, it diuresis congested patient lists too.[1]


There are 3 accepted formulas used to determine how much Lasix to administer to any given patient:

  1. The House of God Lasix Formula - Law VII states that age + BUN = Lasix dose.
  2. The Cr40 Formula - This formula states that creatinine x 40 = Lasix dose.
  3. The Cardiorenal Formula - Since Renal and Cards are forever dueling, the last formula is merely the average of the Renal and Cards doses i.e. Renal dose + Cards dose divided by 2 = Lasix dose.

More from The House of God"


  1. Doctor Diureses List with 80 mg of Lasix, Net Negative 14 Patients (Gomerblog)

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