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HbA1c (or hemoglobin A1c, glycosylated hemoglobin, or glycohemoglobin) is a serum blood test that measures the average blood sugar concentration over the past 3 months.

HbA1c Levels

The following are the most common cutoffs for HbA1c:

  1. HbA1c < 5.7% is considered normal and, therefore, un-American
  2. HbA1c between 5.7% and 6.4% is consistent with pre-diabetes and pre-American
  3. HbA1c > 6.5% equates to a diagnosis of a type 2 diabetes and being a true American[1][2]

Future Considerations

As changing the American lifestyle and diet is proving futile, both the American Diabetes Association and the Endocrine Society are considering changing the HbA1c threshold for diagnosing diabetes to 20.0% in order to cure the disease once and for all.

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  1. BMI Classification Replaces Word “Obesity” with “American”
  2. Amidst Obesity Epidemic, Task Force Creates Glasgow Food Coma Scale

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