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Interventional proctology (or IP) is the discipline of using advanced pharmacological, nutritional, hydrologic, and digital techniques to extract feces from the lower part of the rectum. The goal of IP is the restoration of a normal "chain of feces" in the patient.


Interventional proctology has its roots, and maintains its fingers, in the disciplines of rehabilitation nursing, colorectal acute care nursing, and modern plumbing and pipefitting theory, along with contributions from pain management and gastroenterology. The discipline was originally defined by and was a distinct part of nurse OldPhatMC's efforts to weasel a new lab coat from his Director of Nursing. The discipline developed a formal educational component in 2012 at Northern Virginia College of Nursing and Air Conditioning. The program in Interventional Proctology was started after the Commonwealth of Virginia declined to accredit NVCAN's application for a doula and lactation consultancy baccalaureate program. Many observers felt that the program title "Applied Gynecology and Mammary Science" may have sent the wrong message to the accrediting authority, and great pains were taken to assure that the new program did not have the same disadvantages. The school colors are clay grey and chocolate pudding.

Application Process

Long fingers are a plus in the quest to become an interventional proctologist. KY Jelly and gloves are recommended but not required.


Interventional proctologists are accredited by the American Academy of Interventional Proctology after an intensive 30-minute online examination[1][2][3][4] and the successful disimpaction of five standardized patients. Candidates must extract 2-3 golf ball sized standardized stools from each patient using specified technique while also observing rectal tone.[5][6] On occasion, a foreign body must be extracted as well, which can range from an eggplant to a trombone slide.[7][8][9] Damage to the patient's rectal tissue is graded as a professional omission, also known as a "Pro Lapse."

Future Directions

The outlook for the interventional proctologist hiring is the best of any nursing discipline and has become an alternative career pathway for some physician extenders. It is estimated that once the specialty is fully accepted by CMS for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, there will be a need for up to 100,000 interventional proctologists in the United States, with strong opportunities in long-term care, acute care, and walk-in clinics based in truck stops and bus stations.


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