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Manual disimpaction is a medical rite of passage.[1][2]

From Scrubs Season 1 Episode 6 "My Bad"

J.D.'S NARRATION: There's a lot of horrible things about being an intern: long hours, constant stress, having to deal with death. But worst of all is the simple fact that the average intern has to disimpact fifteen to twenty bowels a week. (He arrives at a patient's room, the patient waving enthusiastically. J.D. gives him a thumbs up in return.) That's why there's a sacred oath among interns never to make fun of each other for doing the things we have to do. (Elliot comes up next to him.)

ELLIOT: Hee-hee. You have to touch someone's hiney! (Suddenly, Dr. Kelso comes up behind them both. Elliot tries to look invisible.)

DR. KELSO: Dorian, come with me. And Dr... uh...

ELLIOT (through gritted teeth): Reid.

DR. KELSO: Sure, why not. Take over for him. (Elliot looks crushed. Kelso walks off, and J.D. leaves with Kelso.)

JD (to Elliot, over his shoulder): Hee-hee!

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  1. Medical Student Paged STAT for Fecal Disimpaction Case (Gomerblog)
  2. 45-Year-Old EM Physician Reflects Back Upon 4.0 GPA in College While Manually Disimpacting Patient (Gomerblog)

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