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Sh*ts and giggles refers to an unfortunate syndrome in which defecation is followed by the need to laugh about it.


Having a bowel movement, especially if it's an emergency, would undoubtedly produce relief, but it still eludes scientists as to why it would produce laughter, let along giggling. It is possible that there are genetic components. Though unlikely, it may be produced by a virus or something else going around.[1]


Successful bowel movement followed in turn with a giggle.


A clinical diagnosis based on the observation of both aforementioned symptoms, which can further be categorized based on the observed giggle:

  1. Type 1 - Giggles within 1 hour of a morning poop.
  2. Type 2 - Giggles during any other non-morning poop.
  3. Type 3 or early-onset - Giggles immediately after any non-morning poop.
  4. Type 4 or intermediate-onset - Giggles more than 1 hour but less than 1 week after any non-morning poop.
  5. Type 5 or late-onset - Giggles more than 1 week after any non-morning poop.
  6. Type 6 or chronic - Persistent bowel movements with persistent giggles


There is no known treatment for sh*ts and giggles. Only toilet paper, flushing the toilet, and wiping one's eyes with a tissue. Always inform patients to wipe away their giggle-induced tears only after washing their hands.[2][3][4]

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