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In health care, a bowel prep (or bowel preparation) is the process of removing all feces from the colon in order to optimize colonoscopy. What a bowel prep is in other circumstances, especially personally, is not under the scope of this page.

Without a bowel prep, gastroenterologists or general surgeons aren't able to visualize the intestines. Instead, the colonoscopy becomes a fancy form of manual disimpaction, which is something usually reserved for medical students or interns (see Totem Pole). Biopsies taken during a colonoscopy with an inadequate bowel prep will reveal one thing: stool.

The bowel prep is a liquid solution that a patient drinks to essentially flush the colon of stool and other inanimate objects, so that colonic polyps and colonic Pikachus can be visualized and, if needed, removed and sent to pathology.[1] Bowel preps work similarly to Drano. Unfortunately for patients, Drano is smaller in volume and more pleasant tasting. Even despite such advances like pumpkin-spiced bowel preps.[2]

How You Know Your Bowel Prep is a Success

You know your colon has effectively been prepped and is "squeaky clean" when farting produces a flute-like sound. When that happens, tell your gastroenterologist, "It's go time." Anything short of that, blame your doctor.[3]

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