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Death is defined by the cessation of all biological functions and is typically considered a suboptimal outcome. Patients often state their preference for ongoing life as opposed to death.


It can be very challenging to elicit symptoms in a patient who has suffered from death. In fact, many of these patients look peaceful and have no complaints. Collateral history is very useful here. But be forewarned: death can be pretty sneaky.[1]


Vital signs can be very telling in a patient with death: temperature is room temperature or less, blood pressure is 0, heart rate is 0, respiratory rate is 0, and oxygen saturation is 0%. Physical exam can be very challenging due to the patient's lack of participation.[2] One, however, may note in the moments preceding death a death rattle, death giggle, or both.


Imaging can help support the diagnosis of death. Pan-scanning provides the best use of resources.[3]


However, just because a patient has died doesn't mean they are no longer a candidate for treatment. One of the most popular treatments after death is chemotherapy.[4] For more information, see Postmortem Chemotherapy.


Tammyflu and a multivitamin.[5][6]

Future Directions

Unfortunately, there have been no breakthroughs with this condition and the global death rate remains constant at 100%.[7]

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