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Lent is a six-week period in the Christian calendar, starting with Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter Sunday, where followers seek forgiveness form their sins by giving up something as a form of penance. In health care, it is not uncommon for different health care professionals from different specialties to give something in recognition of Lent.[1] Whereas hospitalists may give up placement and emergency medicine personnel may give up Dilaudid, urologists may give up penises while pediatricians give up parents. For a complete list of what subspecialties might give up, please read Gomerblog's What Are Health Care Professionals Giving Up for Lent (By Specialty)?

Fun Facts

Did you know Lent commemorates the 40 days Jesus spent NPO in the desert? That certainly puts things into perspective, considering how our patients die of starvation only 2 hours into a fast.[2]

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  2. Patient “Starving to Death” After 1 Hour NPO, Actually Starves to Death Another Hour Later

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