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"Blame Anesthesia" is one of the most popular phrases in health care, and it is based on the very basic principle that if something goes wrong you gotta blame Anesthesia.


"Blame Anesthesia" was born in the operating suite, where any complication during a surgery was blamed by a surgeon on anesthesia. This is best illustrated in the "Blame Anesthesia" algorithm.

What Can I Blame on Anesthesia?

Anything really.[1][2] Failed extubation? Blame anesthesia. What transpired in Benghazi? Blame anesthesia.[3] For more information, see A List of Things We Can Comfortably Blame Anesthesia For.


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  1. The Falcons loss in Super Bowl LI can be blamed on anesthesia.
  2. The Oscars Best Picture debacle with Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway can be blamed on anesthesia.[4]


On August 12, 2017, President Donald Trump pardoned Anesthesia, absolving them of blame for anything and everything.[5] We all know that won't really change anything. We still know who to blame.

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