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Created in 1952 with the purpose of ensuring a "fair mechanism for matching the preferences of applicants for U.S. residency programs with the preferences of residency program directors" while "at the same time causing record levels of anxiety and high enough troponin levels to warrant an admission for chest pain rule-out, the National Resident Matching Program (also known as the NRMP or The Match) takes place at each of the 155 medical schools in the United States on the third Friday of March every year ("Match Day") and marks the transition from optimistic medical students to jaded residents.[1] The Match is best described as medical Tinder with contractual obligations and without sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).[2]

NRMP Vision


NRMP Mission

To boldly go where no man has gone before.

NRMP Matching Algorithm

Contrary to popular belief, the National Resident Matching Program does not use a Nobel Prize-winning computer mathematical algorithm to match applicants and residency programs. Instead, all 40,000-plus applicants are given to some guy we hired named Eric Anderson (ERAS, for short), who then proceeds to pull a lot of all-nighters and drink tons of coffee as he uses an intricate series of Post-It notes and darts to make The Match a reality. Eric's the sh*t.

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