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A Match list refers to a fourth-year medical student's ranking of residency programs in preparation for the National Residency Matching Program's Match Day, starting with their "number one" choice and ending with "F**k, I hope I don't end up here."[1] Before heading on the Interview Trail, a fourth-year medical student's Match list can contain about 30-50 programs. However, after canceling half of the interviews after these student's realize that interviewing during winter and its inevitable snowstorms that take place on interview days, the Match list will typically decrease to only 2-10 programs. The exception to this rule are the highly competitive subspecialties in which ranking a minimum of 40,000 programs is recommended to hopefully secure a residency spot.

Example of a Typical Fourth-Year Medical Student's Match List for Internal Medicine

  1. Elite residency program, city expensive as f**k, probably malignant
  2. Elite residency program, city expensive as f**k, definitely malignant[2]
  3. Elite residency program, cool city, probably malignant
  4. Respectable residency program, awesome city, great food scene
  5. Respectable residency program, very cool city, the residents met there drink a sh*t ton
  6. Respectable residency program, boring city, at least it's cheap
  7. Elite residency program, middle of f**king nowhere
  8. Elite residency program, middle of f**king nowhere
  9. Why the hell am I even listing this place? If I match here, I'm going to cry

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  1. It’s a Match! Tinder to replace NRMP match in residency programs
  2. Residency Program Biopsied, Found to Be Malignant

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