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New Year's Day, 2016

New Year's Day is observed on January 1 and marks the beginning of a new year and, more important, sayonara to the horrific year that preceded it. New Year's Day typically welcomes itself in the form of nasty hangover, met with the vow of never drinking again, only for the vow to be broken by the next weekend.[1] Another common New Year's resolution is to clean up one's lifestyle, though, come on, who are trying to kid here?[2] Health care professionals are given a hope that the burnout and depression caused by the exhaustive work conditions are just a byproduct of the prior year. Clearly, this is a false hope.

Medical Traditions on New Year's Day

For those in health care, New Year's Day kicks off a health care tradition of specialties thinking up resolutions that they hope to break by February. Specialties try to think long and hard for good resolutions to top the preceding year.[3][4]

Other Holidays

- Christmas

- Father's Day

- Mother's Day

- Thanksgiving


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