Out of Our Beds (Album)

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Out of Our Beds is the Rolling Stones' 1965 album encouraging patients to ambulate.

Track Listing

  1. MRSA, MRSA (2:47)
  2. Stitch Hike (2:26)
  3. The Last Time (I Chart) (3:42)
  4. That's How Strong My Propofol Is (2:25)
  5. Good Thymus (1:59)
  6. I'm Alright (Since I'm Not on Call) (2:25)
  7. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Surveys (3:43)
  8. Cry to Medical Students (3:09)
  9. The Under Assistant Hospital Administration Man (3:07)
  10. Play with Prior Auth (2:15)
  11. The Spider and the Antecubital (3:39)
  12. One More Admission (1:58)

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