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A panniculus refers to the dense layer of fatty tissue growth in the lower abdomen.[1][2] It is a magical place where mystery gifts and prizes are found when you least expect it. Much like the word "obese," the word "panniculus" is synonymous with the word "American."[3] If a panniculus needs to be surgical excised, be sure to remove the right one.[4]

Grading of Abdominal Panniculi

Grade 1 - Panniculus barely covers the hairline of the mons pubis but not the genitalia.

Grade 2 - Extends to cover the genitalia.

Grade 3 - Extends to cover the upper thigh.

Grade 4 - Extends to cover the mid thigh.

Grade 5 - Extends to cover the knees or beyond.

Grade 6 - Extends to cover planet Earth.

Grade 7 - Extends to cover holes in the ozone layer.

Grade 8 - Extends to cover the solar system.

Grade 9 - Extends to cover the Milky Way.

Grade 10 - Extends into heaven.


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