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"Remember that time we prank paged you on that pager and it set you on fire?! Hilarious!"

Similar to puppet shows and games of Peakaboo!, a prank page is a form of comedic relief for health care professionals.[1][2][3] Nothing boosts morale like briefly screwing over a colleague for a laugh!

Most Popular Forms of Prank Page

  1. Paging someone that they're patient is coding
  2. Paging a fake consult at 4:59 PM on a Friday[4]
  3. Paging a medical student to see a patient with a blown pupil then seeing how they react
  4. Paging a colleague that all their patients were severely injured in a freak collision of gurneys
  5. Giving a colleague a Samsung Pager, sending a page, and watching the pager explode![5]

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