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Scotch tape is the treatment of choice for dropping lids of unknown etiology when the patient refuses surgery.

From The House of God

The Next LOL in NAD was seventy-five, Jewish, and came in with her upper eyelids Scotch-taped to her forehead. Reading her old chart, I found out that this was a case of "drooping lids of unknown etiology and that her previous Clinic tern had TURFED her to Ophthalmology, where the resident had told her to "tape them up or I operate" and she'd chosen the tape and had been TURFED back to Medicine. This was a BOUNCE.

"Oh, I love meeting all you nice young doctors," she said."

"How long have you had this tape on your lids?"

"Eight years. How much longer do I have to wear it?"

"What happens when you take it off?"

"My eyelids fall down."

I wrote her a prescription for more tape.

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