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Slightly better than a July or August intern. Unless the September intern has been on outpatient the last two months, in which case, he or she is essentially a July intern.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]


  1. Report: July The Worst Time of Year to Be Sick
  2. Ask a July 1st Medicine Intern
  3. Residency Programs Nationwide Call Jeopardy to Replace New Interns Lost in Stairwells
  4. July Interns Play Crucial Role During Cardiac Arrest by Whimpering, Sucking Own Thumb
  5. Breaking: Intern Can’t Hold It, Pees on Self
  6. Breaking: First Batch of Crying July 1st Interns Spotted
  7. Tips: How to Improve Your Daily Cry at Work Due to Burnout
  8. Struggling Intern Asking for “Just One Hug”
  9. July vs. June Interns
  10. Hospital Eliminates July from Calendar, Decreases Mortality 3,000%
  11. July Interns Forcing Nurses to Take July Vacation in Record Numbers
  12. Charmin Profits As July Interns Sh*t Themselves

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