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Twister is a classic game of balance and physical skill. Evil neurologists make patients play this game, not for diagnostic purposes but for good ole sh*ts and giggles.[1]


  • Large plastic mat with rows of different colors
  • A spinner to determine on which color a certain part of the body goes


  • With each spin, players most move their matching body part to the corresponding color on the plastic mat
  • The winner is the last one standing or the last one without a broken appendage, whatever comes first

Original and Variations

  • The original version of Twister is played with the goal of placing hands and feet on certain colors of the plastic mat.
  • The Twister twister variation is played during an active tornado, with high-speed winds putting a wrench into the balancing act.
  • The Twister genital variation is played with the goal of placing breasts and testicles on certain colors of the plastic mat.


It is always handy to have an orthopedic surgeon chaperoning a game of Twister to ensure any broken bones are taken care of in a timely fashion.

Other Great Medical Games


  1. Evil Neurologist Makes Patients with Gait Abnormalities Play Epic Game of Twister (Diadochokinesia Weekly)

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