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An uppercut is a punch delivered with a bent arm and upward motion, with the goal of landing the punch at an intern's chin. The uppercut is an effective form of feedback.[1][2][3][4]

Other Awesome Physical Exam Techniques


- Diving Hurricanrana

- F5

- Heel to Thyroid Test

- Icky Precordial Thump (Album)

- The People's Elbow


- Stone Cold Stunner

- Tombstone Piledriver


  1. Attending’s Feedback to Student: “Strengthen Your WiFi Signal”
  2. Female Resident Grateful for Unsolicited Feedback on Physical Appearance
  3. In Catastrophic Med-School Blunder, Student Gives Actual Feedback About Rotation
  4. Patient Gives Hospital 1-Star Rating on TripAdvisor

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